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New York in Bloom

Since 2013, we've been participating in New York in Bloom at the New York State Museum.  The event is an annual fundraiser for the Museum's After School Program. Floral arrangements created by local florists, garden clubs and individuals are displayed throughout the Museum. Each display reflects the theme and colors of its location in the Museum. More than 20,000 people attend the three-day show each year, and it's an honor to be a part of it. 

Website design:  Linda M. Reeves
Created:  November 2011
Updated: September 2016
2014 Floral display by Club Member Craig Waltz
In 2014, Linda Reeves and Carol Samsonoff created a display on Millionaires' Row, complete with pearls, white gloves and feathers! The arrangement included garden roses, Stock, Protea, Ranunculus, Fern Fronds, Brunia, Mini Orchids, Dusty Miller and Midelina sticks. 
In 2013, the Club created a floral display which was located in Adirondack Hall, very prominently located next to the Adirondack Moose! The centerpiece of our display was a giant mushroom created from a birdbath and six dozen football mums! Our display also included Orchids, Primrose, Wisteria vine, mini Daffodils, and Reindeer Moss.  The display was designed by (pictured above left) Linda Reeves, Judi Golombiski, Louise Lifford, Carol Samsonoff, Linda Miller, Marguerite Hill and Judy Plummer. Pictured right: closeup of the "Mushroom" made with six dozen football mums!
In 2015,  we were located at the taxi near the Museum Shop, on "1929 Broadway." Our design was based on the idea of a day of shopping in Manhattan, and on the way to a Broadway show, the taxi had a flat tire! We used Bird of Paradise, Spider Mums, Iris, Gerbera Daisies, Stock and Football Mums in the arrangement. Linda Reeves, Judy Plummer, Marguerite Hill and Carol Samsonoff designed the display (pictured right).​
This year we were located in the Shaker Exhibit.  Following that theme, our display used baskets and herbs. The flowers included Sunflowers, Blue Thistle, Delphinium, Baby's Breath, Mums, Lemon Leaves, Bells of Ireland, Daisies, and Red Hypericum. Pots of herbs sit in a container by the chair, and dried herbs hang from the chairback.  Club members who worked on the display were Linda Reeves, Nancy Stahl, Linda Miller and Suzanne Waltz (not pictured).